Book a cabin in Sångbäcksvallen, a classic cottage area between Klövsjö and Storhogna.

The perfect destination for those who want nature right outside the door. Cross-country trails and lifts in close proximity to the cottage area can be reached most easily from the upper car park in the Klövsjö ski area at the top of the cottage village.

The snowmobile trail between Klövsjö and Vemdalen passes through the area and in the summer you will find marked trails directly out on the mountain.

Proximity to restaurants and SPA at Storhogna. By car you can quickly reach both Klövsjö and Vemdalsskalet. To the south of the cottage village lies the Sangbäcksfall, which is an appreciated excursion destination for the whole family in the summer and winter time for ice climbing.

Quick facts about Sångbäcksvallen:

  • Cross-country trails
  • Parking
  • Family friendly slopes
  • Children Ski-area
  • Cottages
  • Peace and quiet

Pictures from Sångbäcksvallen

Find to the Sangbäcksvallen