Event 2021 in Vemdalen

This happens in Vemdalen

In 2021, unfortunately, several events have been canceled or adapted to follow FHM's recommendations. Please visit each event's website for updated information.

Cross-country skiing trails in Vemdalen

Christmas and New Year in Vemdalen

Christmas and New Year in the mountains are relaxation, peace and quiet and lots of time together. Wrap the skis, Christmas presents and that book you longed for to have time to read and celebrate Christmas in peace and quiet. Departure cleaning is included and for maximum relaxation you book for made beds so you can start the holiday immediately when you have packed your things in the cottage. Some choose to celebrate as usual others prioritize skiing and enjoy Christmas or New Year's dinner in undergarments. You do what suits you best, we are convinced that you will have a fantastic holiday no matter what you choose to do.

Two children pat a dog in snow landscape in Vemdalen

Winter sports holiday in Vemdalen V 7-10

Week 7-10 is the children's weeks in Vemdalen. Is there any better way to spend the sports holiday than skiing all day, go to after-ski for the whole family and then gather in front of the fireplace with a fun board game.

Valle is here to greet you, children's areas are all set and the restaurants can't wait to accommodate you for a whole week of vacation together.

Easter Holiday

Easter Holiday

Easter in the mountains is sun, snow, skiing and peace and quiet. Why not move the Easter table out on the mountain and alternate the eating with a little skiing? The children can go snowracing and play in the snow, egg hunting in the snow is very much appreciated. After a day in the sun, you can take a sauna and then snuggle down on the sofa in front of a crackling fire and just take it easy. Departure cleaning is included so you can end the holiday in the same nice holiday atmosphere that you achieved during the week.