General Terms

General terms for the rental of cottages and apartments AGO i Vemdalen.

As Agents we are bound to ensure that:

  • you receive written confirmation of your reservation.
  • you receive all documents and details of key collection in a timely manner but no later than 30 days prior to the agreed arrival date.
  • the chalet/apartment has been accurately described.
  • you are informed of any important changes concerning your reservation.
  • the chalet/apartment is available for use from 4:00 pm on the arrival date until 10:00 am on the departure date, unless otherwise agreed.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the chalet/apartment, please contact us. Read more about this below.

When will my reservation become binding?

Both parties are bound to the agreement as soon as we have confirmed your reservation and you have paid the registration fee (or the total rental fee).

When do I have to pay?

If you have booked more than 60 days prior to arrival, the reservation fee is 20% of the rental cost or minimum 1,000 SEK. The fee is payable within 10 days from when the confirmation was sent to you. The fee is deducted from the total payment. Outstanding rental cost is payable no later than 60 days prior to the agreed arrival date. If you have booked within 60 days of arrival, the total rental cost is payable immediately.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?

If you don’t pay the registration fee on time, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. Failure to pay the rental cost will be considered a cancellation on your behalf and the Cancellation Terms & Conditions will consequently apply.

What if I need to cancel?

You need to cancel your reservation in writing to us. The cancellation is not valid if made to a third party. We are bound to confirm your cancellation in writing to you.
If you cancel more than 60 days prior to expected arrival, a cancellation fee of 600 SEK is deducted from the booking fee. If you cancel 60 days, or within 60 days, prior to expected arrival, 100% of the rental cost is payable.

If you have already paid more than you are liable to pay in the event of a cancellation, the difference will be reimbursed immediately by us.
Should we manage to re-let the chalet/apartment, you will be reimbursed to the amount equivalent to the new guest’s rental cost, minus the cancellation fee of 600 SEK.

Temporary Cancellation policy between May 2020-May 2021.

For reservations with arrival date between 1st of May 2020 and the 1 st of December 2020 you can rebook or cancel your reservation free of charge. No cancellation policy is needed.

For reservations with arrival date between the 1 st of December 2020 and the 1st of May 2021 the following applies: Should the authorities dissuade from travel within or to Sweden or if the skilifts were to be closed, you may rebook or cancel your reservation up until 14 days before arrival if you have purchased our cancellation insurance. Should you choose to cancel the cost for the cancelation insurance will not be repaid to you but if you rebook your reservation to another date the cancellation insurance stays with the reservation. If the travel ban is lifted and the ski lifts operate as usual our ordinary cancellation rules apply.

If you are travelling from a country that has closed its boarders or that dissuades from travel to Sweden, we refer you to your personal insurances for compensation/repayment. Should the ski lifts close due to restrictions the same rules applies for travelers from abroad as from within Sweden.

But what if something happens to me?

You can avoid the cancellation fee by purchasing a Cancellation Insurance. The cost is 350 SEK per chalet/apartment and gives you the option of in some cases being able to cancel your reservation up to and including the day before your expected arrival at a cancellation fee of 250 SEK per chalet/apartment.
The Cancellation Insurance can be paid in conjunction with the booking fee.

The Cancellation Insurance is valid in the following cases, which can not have been applicable at the time of booking:

(a) death, illness or serious accident to you, spouse, partner, family member or travelling companion

(b) Draft for military or civil defence service

You must be able to verify the reason for cancellation through a certificate from your doctor or appropriate authority/insurance company. The certificate should be provided no later than 10 days following the cancellation. The doctor’s certificate must include examination date; test results and diagnosis; confirmation that the illness is acute and as a consequence prevents the individual from travelling. The insured can not cancel the booking unless the doctor’s certificate specifies that the illness/accident is of a serious/acute nature. The Cancellation Insurance fee is not reimbursable at cancellation.

What are my rights?

If we are not able to provide the chalet/apartment at the appropriate standard or at the agreed timings, and are unable to provide a substitute chalet/apartment with negligible differences to that originally booked, you are within your rights to terminate the rental agreement. At such a time, we are bound to pay back to you any payments already received and reimburse you for any reasonable verified costs incurred, deducting as appropriate any usage you may have had from the chalet/apartment.

As an option to terminating the agreement, you are entitled to request a reduction of the rental cost. Any complaints should be registered immediately with us, but no later than 1 day after arrival. Please report any problems noticed during your stay immediately, to allow us the opportunity to rectify the problem.

Your reservation is transferable and we must accept the replacement unless we have justified reasons not to. In such a case you must notify us prior to the arrival date, and a change of reservation fee of 300 SEK will be charged to you.

What are my obligations?

  • You must keep the chalet/apartment in a good condition and adhere to any rules, instructions and conditions applied to the property. As the person making the booking, you are personally responsible for any damage incurred to the property or its fixtures and fittings through careless behavior by you or anyone in your party.
  • You must not use the chalet/apartment for any other purpose than that which was agreed at the time of the reservation (in general for leisure purposes) and you must not allow more guests to stay in the property (or on the adjoining land) than what was stated at the time of reservation.
  • You must not disturb your neighbors at any time. Disturbance leading to a visit from our security company will cost from 1500sek. Should the disturbance continue you will have to leave your accommodation immediately.
  • A lost of key will cost from 2000sek.
  • If self-catering with no domestic service, it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned prior to departure. Should the cleaning not meet the required standards, we reserve the right to invoice you for the cost of re-cleaning the property.
  • The minimum age to rent and stay in our apartments/chalets is 18 years. Children accompanied by their parents or legal guardians are exempt from the minimum age requirement.


In some cases we demand that you pay a deposit when making your reservation. It will be repaid to you within a few days after approved inspection. Should we upon inspection find damages on the accommodation we will contact you with a cost suggestion. If the deposit is lower than the total cost of reparations and other measures we need to take to restore the accommodation you will receive an invoice of the amount succeeding the deposit.

The agreement will be terminated with immediate effect if:

  • If you or a member of your party cause disruption in the chalet/apartment/neighborhood.
  • If you or a member of your party vandalize the chalet/apartment/neighborhood.
  • If the chalet/apartment is not used for the purpose it was intended. If you or a member of your party smokes in the apartment/chalet.
  • If the smoking is discovered after your departure, the owner is entitled to a full reimbursement of the costs incurred.
  • If you or a member of your party bring pets to an apartment/chalet where pets are not allowed. If this is discovered by the time of or after departure the owner is entitled to a full reimbursement of the costs incurred.
  • If the apartment is used by more people than allowed. The maximum number of guests specified in the property description applies.

War, natural disasters, labour market conflicts etc.

Should the chalet/apartment become uninhabitable due to warfare, natural disasters, labour market conflicts, extended disruptions to water- and/or energy supplies, fire, or any other similar major events which are not predictable and unavoidable, both parties (you and us) have the right to terminate the agreement. In such a case we are bound to pay back to you with immediate effect, any payments already received, deducting as appropriate any usage you may have had from the chalet/apartment.

What happens if we disagree?

Please register any complaints directly with us. Any delay in reporting a complaint may effect your chances of having it resolved. If we can not come to a satisfactory agreement, you can turn to the National Board for Consumer Complaints, which has an independent Chair and a panel of travel and consumer representatives.

Who is Responsible?

The agency is AGO Servicebolaget i Vemdalen Ltd
Company. No. 559172-5063
Kabinbanevägen 22A, 837 52 Åre
Phone +46 684-313 00

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