Group on skis on a sunny day

Spring weekend in Vemdalen

Spring in Vemdalen is magical. The snow is cold, the sun is warming and the skiing is fantastic both downhill and long distance. Go slalom in the morning and spend the afternoon gliding over the mountains in a t-shirt in the hot sun. Round off the ski day with après-ski and then take a sauna and hot shower before a cozy dinner in your cabin with those who mean the most to you. We have accommodation in Storhogna, Vemdalsskalet, Vemdalen By and Björnrike. Regardless of which of the areas you choose, you will have a fantastic time with us.
Cross-country skiers in cross-country trails in Vemdalen

Move the home office to Vemdalen

Tired of green lawns, gray weather and rain? Move your home office to Vemdalen for a few weeks and enjoy snow, skiing and beautiful views. We have many cottages where it is perfectly possible to sit and work, ...
Two children jump from a snow pile


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Two men are sunbathing on snow mobiles in Vemdalen

Conference in Vemdalen

Meetings on skis is a perfect way to combine work with fun. In the sun in the mountains, creativity flows and the work group is welded together in a unique way. Living in cottages near each other ...