Property management in Vemdalen

AGO i Vemdalen has many years of experience in managing and taking care of properties.

We know how important it is that someone takes good care of your accommodation when you are not there yourself and we place great emphasis on personal customer service.

We want it to be easy to be our customer, whether you represent an entire group of owners or 1 apartment/cottage. We help you with everything from removing snow and mowing to larger service jobs like renovating and repairing bathrooms and kitchens. We also have expertise in electricity, telephony and data.

You should feel confident that someone will take care of your accommodation when you yourself cannot be there, we check in once a month (or more often if desired) and flush taps, check windows and heat so everything is as it should be during the summer months when the apartment/house is not used as much as during the winter.

AGO i Vemdalen is your property manager on site!

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