Welcome all property owners

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Here you will find information about renting via AGO. This is also where you will find the login to the owner page where you see your income and your so-called owner weeks.

We are a local company that has worked with rentals for about 20 years in Åre and started up in autumn 2018 in Vemdalen.

We mediate in Vemdalen approximately 85 rental properties for short-term rentals. In addition to them, we have property maintenance and cleaning assignments on a number of properties in Vemdalen.

In Åre, we have approximately 180 rental properties and a large number of contracts for property management and cleaning tasks.

For us, it is important to have the opportunity for a good dialogue and contact with you as the owner, both when it comes to pricing for your accommodation, practical questions and any other questions that may arise.

We are no bigger than that we can have a personal contact with both you as the owner and also with all the guests and we think this is both important and fun.

Our guests book via our online booking on our website agoivemdalen.se and agoiare.se as well as via e-mail and telephone. We are active with keyword optimization and keyword advertising and advertise via social media as well as digital and print in press and magazines.

Our main target groups are families and friends, as well as groups and conferences. Many of our guests become regulars who return year after year.

The ideal when you want to rent out your accommodation for the upcoming winter season is that we can put the accommodation up for booking a year in advance, but at the latest during the period April-September. We wish that you as owners leave at least eight winter weeks to us for rental, of which at least three high season weeks. The agreement is initially signed for two years, when these have expired there is a 6-month notice period before the end of the agreement period.

Some of our owners want to rent out their accommodation to a very high degree, while others are satisfied if they get rented a few weeks but in higher price ranges.

We inspect the apartments at each departure and then concentrate on finding possible damage to sofas, lamps etc. which are a little more expensive.

On some properties, departure cleaning is mandatory during the winter season and is included in the guest's total price. For those properties, the guest cannot opt out during the period December-April.

Our lower age limit is 18 years and applies to all weeks, we try to steer guests in the right direction towards the right type of accommodation using text and price. Families with children under 18 are, of course, exempt from the age limit.

We look forward to renting out your accommodation!

If you think this sounds interesting and want to rent through us here at AGO, in addition to signing a contract for renting and determining the price level for the object, we also need to sign for 3 keys as well as take pictures and get all the information about the apartment. As an owner, you receive a digital benefit card each year with discounts both with us and with our partners.