Rent out your accommodation in Vemdalen

Rent out your accommodation in Vemdalen with us at AGO i Vemdalen.

We take care of the guest all the way from booking to departure. During the winter cleaning on departure is included so you can feel confident that the next guest is welcomed in the best way.

You choose whether you want to rent out a lot or less, we want at least 8 weeks per winter season of which 3 must be high season weeks.

Let us do the job - you'll get more spare time.

Welcome to the AGO family.

Should you want to use your accommodation in the middle of the season, you can reserve it if there is a vacant period. In the summer you choose whether you want to rent out or use your vacation home for your own vacation.

As a lodging owner with us, you can book the place of departure, city, sheets, cot and other things that make your holiday more comfortable and give you more time on the ski slope and with the family.

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