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Skier in steep hill

Book winter 2022 now!

Book your winter accommodation in Vemdalen. Looking forward to a trip is the best thing there is. To plan, dream away and then count days until you finally stand there with a packed bag and are ...
Two men are sunbathing on snow mobiles in Vemdalen

Conference in Vemdalen

Meetings on skis is a perfect way to combine work with fun. In the sun in the mountains, creativity flows and the work group is welded together in a unique way. Living in cottages near each other ...
Mother with two children ski in Vemdalen

Christmas in Vemdalen!

Celebrate Christmas on skis in Vemdalen Christmas is approaching. Pack Christmas food, presents, skis and the family in the car and celebrate Christmas in Vemdalen this year. Christmas in Vemdalen is special in a fantastic way. Passa ...


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