Spring in Vemdalen

Spring in Vemdalen offers fantastic skiing, cold snow, warming sun and long bright days on the mountain. Go downhill in the morning, take a relaxing cross-country ride in the afternoon and end the day in a sunbath on the mountain with a good packed lunch. Don't forget sun protection factor and water when you go out, there is a chance that it will be really hot.

Spring winter, or the 5th season as we call it, is a time to really enjoy all the outdoor activities that the mountains have to offer. Going to the mountains at the edge of spring is something that easily becomes a tradition you don't want to be without. Something to look forward to, and time to enjoy with loved ones. Or why not make it a tradition with best friends.

Spring in Vemdalen

Spring weekend in Vemdalen

Spring weekend in Vemdalen with your family or best friends is a real energy boost. Go skiing together, spend an afternoon in the sun on the mountain with something good to drink and end the day with a sauna and a nice get-together on the terrace in the evening sun. You can eat your dinner at home or at one of Vemdalen's fantastic restaurants, don't forget to make a reservation.

This happens in Vemdalen this spring

Event in Vemdalen

Events in Vemdalen

For current events in Vemdalen, visit Destination Vemdalen's website, here are also links to all the talented entrepreneurs in Vemdalsfjällen.