About us

AGO i Vemdalen

We are a small company, which is flexible, personal and solution-oriented. We have been in Vemdalen since 2019, but before that we have rented out and taken care of apartments and houses in Åre for more than 20 years with good income for our owners as a result.

We know how important it is for everything to flow and that someone takes good care of your accommodation and your tenants when you yourself are not there.

Our ambition is to deliver the same set-up that we have successfully run in Åre since 2005.

We carry out removals, large and departure cleaning but also other services such as snow removal, put on heat before arrival, rent sheets and other things that can make it easier for you as the owner.

Having a good dialogue with the owner is important and we hope you will enjoy our stay.

Feel free to contact us for information about our services

Send an email to info@agoivemdalen.se In the email, you state whether it concerns renting, cleaning or property management and which apartment / property it applies to. Also describe what you want help with. Feel free to leave a mobile number where we can reach you.

Contact AGO in Vemdalen: info@agoivemdalen.se

How do we work?

Our motto and our aspiration is that it should be personal, flexible and safe to be a customer with us.

  • Personally - for us it is important that our customers feel that it is close and easy to get help from us.
  • Flexible - Our flexibility and ability to adapt to our customers' needs and to find solutions to small and large assignments is a strength
  • Safe - our customers should always be able to trust that we do the assignments with good quality and within the agreed time and price.

site manager: Lisa Sjelin
Phone: 0684-31300
Email: info@agoivemdalen.se

CEO AGO in Vemdalen: Patrik Pettersson Wallberg

AGO in Vemdalen is our brand name and the company AGO Servicebolaget i Vemdalen AB. The company is owned by Lars-Göran Larsson, Tommy Ekberg, Per-Erik Dillner, Kent Kristofferson and Lars Ocklind.

The pictures on our website come from: Destination Vemdalen, photographer Karl Vertergård and photographer Per Eriksson.