Accommodation classification

We want to make it easier for you to choose accommodation that meets your expectations

To facilitate your choice of accommodation, we have made a review of all accommodation and classified them according to a five-point scale where one (1) is the lowest rating (very simple) and five is the highest rating (outstanding).

During the review, we have assessed, among other things, the size of the accommodation, how many beds the accommodation has, what facilities are available (dishwasher, washing machine, boot dryer, charging station for electric cars, WiFi, fireplace, sauna, ski storage, jacuzzi, pool), what the standard of the accommodation is, and then above all kitchens and bathrooms (old, renovated, newly built), furnishings and furniture etc.

In the online booking, under the button "More options" you can search for accommodation based on the rating they received. You can also read the rating an accommodation has received under the description of each accommodation.

AGO accommodation classification

AGO's five-point scale:

1 – Very simple
Sauna-equipped accommodation with a very simple standard.

2 – Basic
Functional accommodation with a simple standard.

3 – Good
Good accommodation with a good standard.

4 – Very good
Comfortable accommodation with a very good standard.

5 – Outstanding
Very comfortable accommodation with an outstanding standard

Half points:
In the assessment, a residence may end up between two grades on the scale and e.g. get 3.5. It shows that the accommodation is slightly above the stated standard but without reaching the next level. This is then shown in the object description in the online booking. The classification is also used in feedback to the accommodation owners as a recommendation on what they can do to raise the level of their accommodation.